Amy's Pipsqueaks

February 27, 2008

Welcome Daisy!

Ok So maybe She is a girl...I decided to call her Daisy because she just looks so cute in her fancy hat!
I Finally finished the legs today...and gave her a girly dress.. pure silk..only the best for this little sweetie !

February 25, 2008

Another Boy?

I seem to be churning out boys these days..just like real life I guess! Spent the day leisurely working on a new little head..well not so little I guess as it took a whole pound of clay..but I like this size..he is baking right now, and the painting is favorite part!

February 14, 2008

Welcome Baby Jules!

The newest little Pipsqueak..not sure what the plans are for Jules..first things first he needs his legs.. I will keep you posted!

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